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I really don't like drama, and because of that, I do all that I can to keep my affairs private. So this is not really a story that I want to tell, but circumstances has informed me that I need to tell it. I am sorry this is so long.

Around almost 3 years ago, a young man named Jason messaged me on Facebook. In his first few messages, he mentioned he has found me on google after searching Taiwanese Comedians, and has just started doing stand up. He was inquiring if he should quit his day job, which he deeply disliked and if he should pursue stand up comedy full time. Not wanting him to be in a financial crisis, I advised and reassured him that he can start doing comedy without having to quit his day job, and if the day comes, he can always pursue comedy full time. 

I met this young man once again when I was in LA later that year. He was passionate, and eager to gain knowledge about the comedy world. Although he came on a bit strong, he invited me out to dinner, and to stay at his place of residence when I was already staying at my aunt's. I found it slightly strange and uncomfortable to these sudden gestures , but I also did not want to be rude and complied. 

So in the years that followed I decided to help him. I gave him my contacts for bookings, offered him with residence at my place if he ever comes to Vancouver, took him on the road to gigs whenever I can have him open for me, provided him with counselling when he had emotional difficulties with his anger, I mentored him on his material as he often says "I don't know how to write jokes" where he would call me late at night, and I even invited him to my wedding, where he stayed in the same hotel room as me prior to my wedding night. He was the only comedian at the wedding, since my wife only wanted family there. I saw him as family. 

Then things became strange towards the end of 2015. He became more distant, and often times get into arguments with me regarding trivial things. I'm not saying I am the best communicator, as I often like to tease people, but his anger started to scare me. However, I saw this young man as my brother, so I brushed it all away. During our last time working together at Liquid Laughs in Idaho in early 2016, everything was different. He ran his time while he was on stage, and he did material that were mine.  It was also then I found out from a few close friends that he was a different person in front them, to the point where he disrespected them as people. I care about those around me more than myself, and that was something I couldn't stand. Like I said, I hate drama, so rather than having a giant blow out, I decided to just fade away and cut things off. 

Then I saw the clip on Laughs on FOX later that year, where it was a bit I used to do on my first CD. Again, I don't want any confrontation, so I brushed it off again.  Now a few months later, the same video surfaced again and is placed side by side with my CD recording. To be honest, all I can feel is heartbreak. I helped someone solely on the basis because I thought it would be a kind thing to do. I thought I added a new brother to my family.

Yet now I can't help but feel what I did was all wrong.

Thank you for reading.